About the project DE:HATE


The project Debate//De:hate supports and strengthens democratic culture on the Internet, raising awareness of the phenomenon of hate speech and developing tactics and strategies against it. Split into two complementary teams, the de:hate team represents the “brain trust” of the project.


Hate speech is not a static phenomenon, but rather constantly in flux. This applies to its goals, its forms of expression, its position in the broader strategy of extremism, and so on. Accepting that the digital space has become the most important propaganda medium for right-wing extremists, anti-Semitists, and other spreaders of hate, continual observation and analysis of current developments is indispensable. Understanding is always the first step towards a solution—and de:hate seeks to provide this understanding.

To that end, de:hate monitors the Internet to catch new reactionary and hateful trends early. Besides observation and analysis of current topics in hate speech, we also seek to highlight and publish research relevant to the field. In this way, we seek to give a deeper understanding of the problems we all face.

De:hate seeks to provide a foundation for the development of counter-strategies and solutions to hate speech. However, there is a further dimension to our work: raising public awareness of hate speech as a phenomenon inevitably stimulates debate over the best course of action. We seek to share our expertise with our allies to bring clarity to this debate and contribute to sensible solutions. This includes helping institutions and organizations more familiar with traditional media navigate the digital landscape.


The primary goal of the project is the observation of hate speech. It is absolutely essential to understand and contextualize hateful phenomena online. On this basis, we can develop concepts for counter-strategies and education of our peers.


informieren, nachprüfen
und durchblicken

kritisch, fundiert und
respektvoll diskutieren