About the project DEBATE

The pedagogical mission of the project debate

The project Debate-Dehate supports and strengthens democratic culture on the Internet, raising awareness of the phenomenon of hate speech and developing tactics and strategies against it. Split into two complementary teams, the dehate team represents the “brain trust” of the project.

What does Debate mean?

“Debate” refers to the impulse towards debate on the topic of hate speech that we seek to lead. We raise awareness for the phenomenon and lead the discussion on hate speech’s origins and counterstrategies. On the basis of this debate, we recommend methods and instruments to combat hate speech online. In this way, we support a civil culture of discussion on the Internet and challenge young people to engage in the fight against hate.

Besides Internet users in general, we seek to reach out to those who sympathize with right-wing extremist theories. We seek to engage with these worldviews and, in a respectful and constructive exchange, promote a more reflective and tolerant stance.

The material provided with the “Debate” approach can be used just as well by educators in a school context. We can gladly collect the relevant documents and advise you on the best manner to introduce the contents in an educational context.


The goal of the project is the deradicalization of young people associated with right-wing extremism. The focus in this respect is those who are not yet firmly a part of the extremist scene—what’s known as primary and secondary right-wing extremism prevention. To this effect, we develop concepts and fundamental questions for educators in their role against right-wing extremism. More than anything, we seek to empower young people to engage against hate speech and extremism in their communities both in real life and online.


informieren, nachprüfen
und durchblicken

kritisch, fundiert und
respektvoll diskutieren